Paddling Accessories

Stock fleece as of 8/2020

Paddle bag showing Velcro™ closure and divider
Paddle Bags

Canoe paddles (email paddle total length, blade length and width in inches): $35 incl. tax

Kayak split paddles (email longest split length in inches): $35 incl. tax

Paddle bags are made of fleece with Velcro™ closure, webbing handle and fabric divider inside to separate kayak splits and canoe paddles. Canoe bags will hold two paddles and kayak bags will hold one set of splits. Fleece animal prints, patterns and colors subject to availability. Please contact Midnight Seamstress for current stock. Download our full color brochure!

Safety Flags

4" x 15" $5 incl. tax

Safety flags are made of polyester fabric with a 6"nylon webbing loop to attach to your boat.

Safety Flags
Replacement Kayak Toggles

$10/pair incl. tax

These monkey fist replacement toggles are handmade using 5mm accessory cord. They measure approximately 1 3/4" in diameter and fit nicely in the palm of your hand for carrying your kayak. Assorted colors.

Assortments of Monkey Fist Toggles
Monkey Fist Installed

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