I began by sewing custom canoe covers for myself and for friends. As a result of increased interest, I founded the Midnight Seamstress business in 2014.  Since then I have made covers for kayaks and over 80 models of canoes, and have expanded to offer custom kayak covers, canoe decks, paddle bags, safety flags, and more. I enjoy the sport of marathon canoe racing and can often be found attending racing events throughout New York State and beyond.


Blanche - Seamstress


The Boss


I have been sewing since 4H club introduced me to the sewing machine in elementary school. I enjoy sewing, but I'm happiest to be outdoors paddling, biking or skiing.

Svetlana - Resident Cat


IT Department


Website design and networking guru. I am usually sleeping by day which makes me an ideal employee at Midnight Seamstress.

John - website guru


Custodial Services

Well equipped to handle brush fires and mop up the messy stuff. Secretly proficient in artistic design and possibly the brains behind the IT Department.