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I began by sewing custom canoe covers for myself and for friends. As a result of increased interest, I founded the Midnight Seamstress business in 2014. Since then I have made covers for kayaks and over 100 models of canoes and kayas, canoe decks, paddle bags, safety flags, and more. I enjoy the sport of marathon canoe racing and can often be found attending paddling events throughout New York State and beyond.


Blanche paddling her P&H Volan 158 sea kayak


Svetlana hardly working


John paddling New Year's Day 2024



I have been sewing since 4H club introduced me to the sewing machine in elementary school. I enjoy sewing, but I'm happiest to be outdoors paddling, biking or skiing.

Assistant to the Chief

I am usually sleeping by day which makes me an ideal employee at Midnight Seamstress.

IT Department

Secretly proficient in artistic design and the brains behind the IT Department. "I'd rather be kayaking."

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